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Tobin Farms Velvet Antler

Tobin Farms is a premium provider of Velvet Antler Supplements.  


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Why Choose Tobin Farms?

The entire operation is under one roof in the United States! 100% WHOLE Velvet Antler is used to make powder and capsules; including the premium tips of the antlers, also known as the bulb. Often these tips are cut and sold separately for more money, but the entire antler is used in our process. This is evident in the richer color of the powder – a reddish brown showcasing the pure and rich powder. We also own the entire process of the velvet antler supplements from farm to bottle. There is no middle man and we don't contract out any part of the process. 

Our Mission

Provide the best health enhancing products we can produce, and/or develop for humans and companion animals to enhance quality of life. 

Our Processing

Tobin Farms Velvet Antler™ contains both Red Deer and Elk velvet antler processed in our Southern Wisconsin processing facility. We dry, scrape, grind, encapsulate and bottle velvet antler for the nutritional supplement market. We use antlers from our farm as well as other deer and elk farmers across the United States and do the entire process here in Wisconsin.

Learn more about our Deer Antler Velvet processing facility

Velvet Antler Capsules- Tobin Farms Velvet Antler Supplements

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