Our Story

Opportunity in the deer and elk industry!

We became interested in raising Red Deer in the late 80’s after reading an article in the Daily News about a Red Deer farm in New Limerick, Maine. The owner of the farm had purchased 100 deer from Fundy Red Deer Farm in New Brunswick, Canada. The original 4,000 Red Deer at Fundy  were flown 1,000 at a time from New Zealand to Nova Scotia and trucked to Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick. A short while after reading the article, we visited the farm in New Brunswick.

During their visit, we learned about velvet antler – a natural alternative supplement produced from Red Deer and Elk antlers that the Chinese and Koreans have been using for over two thousand years. At the time, there wasn’t anyone processing velvet antler in the United States. 

After making several visits to the farm in New Brunswick, we decided to begin our own Red Deer farm in Mapleton, Maine  We started our farm by purchasing 3 Red Deer from the farm in New Brunswick. Over a period of time, our herd grew to 78 animals. We had one breeding stag named Dean who went on to become the face of our brand. 

Our velvet antler processing began about 2 years after starting the farm. I called the farm manager (a New Zealander) at Fundy Red Deer Farm and asked him if he would bring back some bottles of velvet antler from New Zealand on his next trip. Weeks later, I asked him… “Would it make sense if we process velvet antler because there was no one processing it in the United States?” His response, in his New Zealand accent was, “You’re bloody right, mate!”

Thus, was the beginning of Tobin Farms Velvet Antler

Today we are still processing our own velvet antler, and we also process for Deer and Elk farms across the country. Most of our sales are by word-of-mouth; people who have heard from family members, friends, and co-workers, on how velvet antler has helped them.

Today, we have moved our operations to Southern Wisconsin and are still a small business with customers such as chiropractors, gym owners, physical trainers, pet owners, average consumers and health food stores across the country.


We spend a lot of time getting to know our customers on the phone and in person. We like to learn what their needs are and explain how velvet antler can help them. Please call us anytime to talk about our product.



Tobin Farms Royal Stag
Velvet Antler Processing

Camryn Noble and Jade Noble- Owners of Tobins Royal Stag